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Days 5 & 6: Weekend Site Seeing

A welcome change from the physical labor of house building, we are touring some of the well known sites around Pokhara. Saturday morning at 5am we headed up to Sarangkot. The view was spectacular – perched high above the town we watched another day dawn. As the sun – a huge blaze of orange – … Continue reading

Day 2: Bamboo Weaving Continues

What progress we have made! Weaving bamboo while fun is also time consuming, especially with just a few simple tools. Each piece needs to be measured, cut, stripped, and then woven in between the vertical pieces. This forms a strong interior structure which will then be covered with mortar. Our team has really bonded and … Continue reading

Day 1: Learning Bamboo Construction

After months of anticipation…we made it to the worksite! It was an amazing first day of building. We had two teams working on learning to cut, strip and weave bamboo and the other digging the pit latrine and using the dirt to backfill the foundation.


Yes, those would be mountains outside the window of the airplane! Most of the team has arrived. After a fabulous lunch at Fire and Ice (pizza) we visited the Garden of Dreams, a lovely oasis in the midst of a bustling capital city.

A Night for Nepal

A Night for Nepal

Preparing to leave all I know to travel halfway ’round the world with a team of 11 volunteers to help build houses in Nepal, I have reflected on all that has happened to bring us to this point. Back in January of 2012 while I was dropping my daughter off for her dance lesson, I … Continue reading