Habitat Global Village

What is Habitat for Humanity and Global Village?  Habitat for Humanity International’s (Habitat) vision is for everyone to have a decent place to live.  A non-profit organization, Habitat is a global leader in creating sustainable, safe and affordable solutions to the housing crisis.  I first learned about Habitat when I was a student at Allegheny College and have been building houses ever since.

Global Village (GV) is an Habitat program that creates opportunities for volunteers to build overseas for one to two weeks with families in need.  As a GV Team Leader I am able to pursue my first passion: connecting with people of other cultures.  Many have described the GV experience as a life-changing one, and I am always looking to join forces with others who want to give it a try.

I don’t know how it is possible to wind up feeling like I’ve been given more than I gave, but it happens.  It happens every single time I leave my home to connect with another culture and to help someone else have what has come so easily to me.  This is why I build.  Because on the work site the playing field is level.  Racial, religious, economic, social barriers fade away while we co-labor.  To me, this is the labor of love: to so lose yourself in the doing that you simply enjoy the being.

To learn more about Global Village check out Habitat’s website or write to me to learn how to become a team member.