GV Nicaragua 2018

It’s been about five weeks since I returned from my Global Village build in Nicaragua which ended mid-April.  During my last few days in this beautiful country enjoying an extra week of travel with some teammates, demonstrations erupted against national social security reforms.  In days following, unrest increased and widened to include more general anti-government grievances.  Protests turned violent.  People died and major news agencies were calling the crisis the worst in Nicaragua’s political history.

As I watched events unfold from the comfort of my own home, I could hardly believe how the tide had turned.  Subsequent Global Village Teams due to arrive after this one were being routed to other parts of Latin America.  The situation became too unsafe to send volunteers.  And so, it is with joy and hope that I present this video, a moving and living reminder of all that is good and worthy and true.  And to peace with justice and reconciliation, my prayer for Nicaragua and its people.

Putting smile on faces, others and our own.  This is why we build.