Food & Entertaining

I admit it.  I used to be that girl – the one who wait for a “special occasion” to use the vintage glassware and set a beautiful table.  When the birthdays or holiday parties came, I would go all out.  Then, as I got more entrenched in the work raising kids and homemaking, rather than spending most of my time working outside my home, I got to thinking.  Why not make this a night to enjoy music with dinner?  Why not throw a dinner party for friends on a Wednesday evening to watch American Idol?  I couldn’t think of a reason not to, so I did!  I started paying more attention to what I could do to make every day regular life…well…less regular.  This is my top ten for easy, inexpensive, everyday entertaining.

Staci’s Top Ten Tips for Everyday Entertaining

  1. Light candles at night (nothing scented if you are putting them around food).
  2. Play music (theme the music to match your food or mood).
  3. Make a cocktail.  I like anything with Champagne, but lemonade, lime and soda water over crushed ice is good too!
  4. Don’t wait for the weekend to invite friends over for potluck, takeout, games, television, a movie, whatever.
  5. Pick up some flowers from the grocery store and arrange them yourself.  Put them where you will see and enjoy their beauty.
  6. Frame a few of all of those digital photos you are storing on your hard drive.
  7. Buy cloth napkins (I like the ones I find these days at Target) and use them instead of paper.
  8. Eat in the dining room.  Better yet, eat in front of the fireplace.
  9. Cook breakfast from scratch: pancakes, waffles, Quiche, bread, muffins (you can even eat it for dinner)!
  10. Use the good stuff: china, glassware, linen, napkin rings, whatever you have.  Really, what are you waiting for?

Send me your ideas ~ I’d love to get inspired!

2 thoughts on “Food & Entertaining

  1. Thanks Staci-yours was delicious. I can’t wait to make a batch myself:) Now, how about that crustless quiche????


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