About Staci

Who is Global Staci?

Upon earning a bachelor’s degree in art history and failing to find her dream job, Staci turned her professional efforts to making the world a better place by serving Pittsburgh Habitat for Humanity as an AmeriCorps VISTA.  Having developed a passion for cross-cultural communication and urban life, she went on to earn her master’s degree in international development from American University in Washington, DC.  Afterwards Staci was a consultant for the World Bank, product developer for Manaca Ecotravel and professional photographer in both Washington, DC and New York City.

Now a wife and mother, Staci enjoys writing, teaching and focusing her volunteer efforts on her first love, volunteering and building houses around the world.  Combining her love of travel and partnering with people in need, Staci uses her talents and skills as a Global Village Team Leader for Habitat for Humanity International and Global Builders Leader for The Fuller Center for Housing.  She’s visited nearly 70 countries and has no plans of slowing down.

When she is not globe-trotting and collecting fodder for globalstaci.com, she enjoys her second favorite pastime, cooking and throwing parties at her home in Maryland, USA.

4 thoughts on “About Staci

  1. I always knew you were an extraordinary human being since the first time I met you! We must connect soon – haven’t hugged you in-person since 2006 🙂 Love you forever!!!!!!!

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