A Night for Nepal

Preparing to leave all I know to travel halfway ’round the world with a team of 11 volunteers to help build houses in Nepal, I have reflected on all that has happened to bring us to this point. Back in January of 2012 while I was dropping my daughter off for her dance lesson, I thought, “I should introduce myself to the folks in the Nepalese restaurant next door and ask them if they want to help me raise money to benefit Habitat Nepal.” Never having been accused of being shy, this seemed a good idea to me. I walked through the doors of the Kathmandu Kitchen and met owner Mr. Kiran Pantha that night. He was very enthusiastic about my loosely formed idea and we agreed to meet for lunch to come up with a plan.

The rest is history.

I gathered my local teammates Giuli and Kristen and with help from a lot of friends, we planned “A Night for Nepal.” A perfect evening in early June, it was a truly wonderful evening of learning about Habitat for Humanity while enjoying great food, a silent auction, spirited raffles, gift presentations, music and singing by one of Nepal’s best-loved singers Mr. Prem Mahat and a visit from The Ambassador from Nepal Dr. Shankar P. Sharma and his wife. All the way from Washington, DC they took the time to drive to Baltimore to show their support and even brought along the visiting Mr. Mukti Narayan Pradham, Attorney General of Nepal and his wife!

Thank you to everyone who helped raise over $4,500 that night to build houses with families in need of decent, affordable shelter in Nepal.

And, if you own a restaurant in Baltimore – look out – you could be next!

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