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HFHI Global Village Nepal Video #1

Well, the first video is hot off the virtual press!  I am most honored to introduce you to Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Team Nepal (Leknath, Pokhara, Sept. – Oct. 2012).  They are sure to entertain you with their stories and demonstrations of their unique contributions.  If you have ever wondered how to build a simple decent … Continue reading

Nepal: Saying Goodbye

The best part about traveling, in my opinion, is the opportunity to engage intimately with people of another culture. Nepal has been nothing short of amazing in large part because of our home building experience with Habitat for Humanity Nepal. Had we simply been tourists (and there’s plenty to do if you’re here on vacation) … Continue reading

Nepal: Chitwan National Park

Our introduction to the Chitwan National Park in south central Nepal was a spectacular safari atop the back of an elephant looking for animals in the park. We saw rhino, crocodile, monkeys and scads of birds including peacocks. How can you top that? Turns out you can! Just when you thought this is as good … Continue reading

Nepal: From the Mountains to the Forest

What do you call a day that begins with a flight over Mt. Everest and ends with a safari on the back of an elephant? Saturday in Nepal! Six of our eleven member team arrived at the Tigerlands Resort on the edge of the Chitwan National Forest. We are settling in to a more relaxed … Continue reading

Day 11: Saying Goodbye to Pokhara

The air was cool, the sky crystal clear this morning. Photos and words simply do not do justice to what we are seeing and experiencing. The snow-capped mountain peaks appeared so clearly it was as though you could reach out and touch them. Our time here has come to an end. Goodbyes are heartfelt and … Continue reading

Day 10: Final Work Day & Dedication

We finished the house!! We spent the morning sifting more sand, plastering the few final walls while the technicians worked their magic and all that was left to do was to clean up. Then came our last meal together at the site and the festive house dedication. There were garlands made of flowers, tikas on … Continue reading

Day 9: Plastering 201

Plaster, plaster everywhere and oh so hard to stick! Today was a continuation of the plastering we began yesterday. At the beginning it was moving so slowly we doubted we would actually finish the house. But, once we got moving today in concert with our hired technicians we were a well oiled machine! The process … Continue reading

Day 8: Plastering 101

So, turns out plastering over bamboo isn’t all that easy! We did our best, but had to leave the finish work for the skilled technicians. The walls end up looking amazingly smooth. We have two more work days left which is difficult to believe. I would say we are bracing ourselves for the tearful goodbye … Continue reading

Day 7: Preparing to Plaster

Today was a great day. We are almost entirely finished with the bamboo weaving. Tomorrow we will begin the final stage of plastering the walls with mortar. We pre-sifted the sand through a screen to remove the small rocks so the plaster on the walls would be smooth. There is a very tangible sense of … Continue reading