Nepal: Chitwan National Park

Our introduction to the Chitwan National Park in south central Nepal was a spectacular safari atop the back of an elephant looking for animals in the park. We saw rhino, crocodile, monkeys and scads of birds including peacocks. How can you top that?

Turns out you can! Just when you thought this is as good as it gets, you get to bath with an elephant then go on a second safari…this time cutting new trails while “chasing” a mother rhino and her baby. This may have been because our elephant “driver” was a very capable yet bold boy of 17. He was on a mission and we were on his elephant and therefore along for the ride!

Get this. Elephant grass is called such because it is taller than an elephant. And when you are riding said elephant and maneuvering through the tall grasses you can’t see a darned thing – only you can hear things….like other animals that seem like at any moment they are going to jump out and kill you. Seriously. It was the most crazy exhilarating thing ever! You keep praying to see a tiger (sightings are super rare) but then praying you don’t turn the corner and see a ferocious beast looking you in the eye.

In any event we all lived to tell. But still…we seek the tiger.







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