HFHI Global Village Nepal Video #1

Well, the first video is hot off the virtual press!  I am most honored to introduce you to Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Team Nepal (Leknath, Pokhara, Sept. – Oct. 2012).  They are sure to entertain you with their stories and demonstrations of their unique contributions.  If you have ever wondered how to build a simple decent affordable bamboo house, the wait is over!  I am most grateful for the opportunity to lead this team – a most talented, enthusiastic, generous and loving group.  Their willingness to share their experience with you delights me to no end!

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Anders, Giuliana Cox, Robert Faucher, Bob Haney, Kristen Martignetti, Hailey Murdoch, Brooks Rocco, Pat Sandlin, Peter Tiedemann, Kristen VanFosson, Anil Sky, Habitat Nepal volunteer, Naran Khadka, Habitat Nepal host coordinator and Sharmila Pariyar, Habitat Homeowner.



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