Day 11: Saying Goodbye to Pokhara

The air was cool, the sky crystal clear this morning. Photos and words simply do not do justice to what we are seeing and experiencing. The snow-capped mountain peaks appeared so clearly it was as though you could reach out and touch them. Our time here has come to an end. Goodbyes are heartfelt and tearful.

Having said that, we had a fabulous farewell dinner and night out on the town. We sang happy birthday (a bit early) to Giuli, then painted the town red. Think live music, two for one cocktails and crazy club dancing with a nightcap on the roof deck of our hotel with James Taylor serenading our conversation. Pretty perfect.

This afternoon we fly back to Kathmandu for our last night together as a team. Some of us are staying in Nepal to trek, enjoy safari, or a few more days in the capital city. Two of our teammates are headed directly to Habitat Nepal’s Everest Build II where some 500 volunteers from around the world will build 40 houses in 5 days.









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