Days 5 & 6: Weekend Site Seeing

A welcome change from the physical labor of house building, we are touring some of the well known sites around Pokhara. Saturday morning at 5am we headed up to Sarangkot. The view was spectacular – perched high above the town we watched another day dawn. As the sun – a huge blaze of orange – slowly appeared, evidence of its rays illuminated the surrounding mountain peaks. Gorgeous.

Today, Sunday, we took an early hike to the World Peace Pagoda, avoiding the intense heat of midday. Most of the folks on the team enjoy hiking. I’d rather be on the water, but glad to have done it. Finally, a visit to the Mountaineering Museum topped off the day, giving us a new appreciation for this unique sport with a prominent place in Nepal’s history.

Admittedly, we have been rather spoiled here in this lakeside town that caters well to tourists from all over the world. Pokhara is the place from where Nepal’s famous treks originate. Mixing business with pleasure could be the city’s tag line.










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