Days 3 & 4: Bamboo Walls, Tin Roof, Concrete Floor

We made it to the weekend! The bamboo weaving is nearly entirely finished, the tin roof is on and the concrete floor is in. In just four days this is really looking like a house! Everyone is joyously exhausted and ready for some site seeing and downtime.

I would happily be posting several times a day if the connection was better. The power goes off in the hotel everyday at 6am and comes back on in the late afternoon. In fact, the power can go off at any time during the day or night. We’ve had many of our meals with flickering lights followed by the sound of generators and the lingering smell of diesel.

Despite the many inconveniences we face, no one can think of any place we’d rather be.








2 thoughts on “Days 3 & 4: Bamboo Walls, Tin Roof, Concrete Floor

  1. Go team!!! Looks great Staci! You guys are doing such important work. I’m sure they are thrilled to you all. Look forward to more photos! Say hit to Leslie!!

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