Day 2: Bamboo Weaving Continues

What progress we have made! Weaving bamboo while fun is also time consuming, especially with just a few simple tools. Each piece needs to be measured, cut, stripped, and then woven in between the vertical pieces. This forms a strong interior structure which will then be covered with mortar.

Our team has really bonded and enjoys working together. Our days are filled with laughter as each personality plays off the other. Pokhara is a beautiful place and the lakeside part of town where our hotel is, provides endless options for our nightly meals and entertainment. Having said that, our average bedtime is 9:30pm and alarms ring as early as 5:30am. We are at the site working by 7:30!

Jenn and Brooks learn to mix cement as the masons build the interior walls of the pit latrine we dug. A shout out to my fellow Habitaters at HFH of the Chesapeake – that is me in my Women Build t-shirt with our local host coordinator Naran. Note our name tags are written in Nepali.


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