Habitat Global Village, MEXICO | Puerto Escondido – Work Day 3

Day three often signals a midweek break, in that we usually end the work day a bit early to participate in a cultural activity, usually relating to the community.

Getting ready to make tlyudas.

In our case we broke for lunch and Arlet and Hilda, another future homeowner in the group, showed us how to make tlayudas, which are basically giant tortillas stuffed with black beans, shredded cabbage and cheese, thinly sliced grilled beef and avocado, folded and grilled. We also learned to make salsa, using a traditional mortar and pestle. To drink we had a juice made from cucumber, limes, sugar and water – muy delicioso!

It was a tasty reward for all our physical work and one of our favorite meals. And so much fun interacting with our family, whom we adore.

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