Habitat Global Village, MEXICO | Puerto Escondido – Work Day 4

Mixing concrete by hand, an excellent substitute for the gym!

Usually by the time Global Village teams get to day four, we are all feeling the effects of doing jobs that we are unaccustomed to. After the shorter workday on Wednesday and a break for some fun, Thursday tends to be the longest and often most difficult day of work. That should have been the case for us too.

The bucket brigade ready to move the freshly mixed concrete.

We have a large team, 16 volunteers. And we are all working on the same house. In this case, many hands make light work. We have enough people that we can rotate through the tough jobs, like mixing concrete and shoveling rocks, so that no one is worn down from repeating a backbreaking job every day. Plus we were so energized!

Luckily, Daniel, Habitat staff architect and designer, procured a speaker for us so that we can enjoy music via Bluetooth. Sometimes technology really does enhance the fun! The best part of our experience just might be that we are feeling like one big, happy family. We share, we work, we play, we laugh. My favorite part – the laughter. It helps that we have some real characters on the team! (You know who you are, and some of you reading this will guess who they are!)

Today ended up being a surprisingly easy day owing to the fact that our team works so hard, and so well together that we finished early. In fact, we are the only team whose come to Puerto Escondido to reach the milestone tha we did, pouring all the footers and ready to move on to the header around the perimeter of the entire house, by day four. If ever there’s an accomplishment to be excited about, it’s a this one!

That and having homemade tamales for lunch.

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