Habitat Global Village, MEXICO | Puerto Escondido – Work Day 5 & Fiesta!

Day five. It’s Friday. Hard to believe our last day of work has arrived and the build is coming to a close. We, the team, are our own family now and grateful to have spent this week getting to know our partner family, Habitat staff in Puerto Escondido and a few members of the community.

Our team was able to complete the poured concrete header faster than any other team prior. We’re pretty proud of that! Most Global Village teams never get to see the finished house in a week, so to know that we’ve done as much as we possibly could, gives us a deep sense of accomplishment that we’ve achieved our purpose in coming in the first place.

You can see the header row, which once dry, will be the foundation for three more rows of blocks before the poured concrete roof goes on.

After another terrific lunch prepared by Arlet, her mom, Hilda and others on the catering crew (anyone on the team will tell you, this lunch was the best food we had all week!) it’s time to say words of thanks, love and appreciation. And to shed a few tears.

Habitat staff member of 26 years, Chano, with our partner family,
saying a few heartfelt words.

I believe there are great things in store for this family and for other Habitat partner families in Puerto Escondido. To help someone have what we may take for granted, a safe, decent, affordable place to call home, is an honor and a privilege. Cultivating gratefulness in your life, in all the ways that you can, is a worthy calling. Global Village can do that for you.

And you’ll meet new friends and spend time with like minds in the process.

Some would say it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Take the leap!

Aaron receives his certificate and earns his stripes completing his first Global Village build!

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