Habitat Global Village, MEXICO | Puerto Escondido – Work Day 2

Day two and the same jobs continue: moving and laying bricks, sifting sand and mixing mortar and our newest task, cutting and bending rebar.

The house will have a bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and a dining and living area inside, and a small front porch on the outside. In total about 50 square meters or 538 square feet.

Today we finished the walls to the point where we will be putting in a header all the way around the perimeter of the house, and then three more rows of brick will be laid on top of that before the poured concrete roof will be installed. The walls, both inside and outside, can be plastered if the family opts to save more money to do so, and if they like the look.

As we progress the work is sure to be more challenging, but we are all so happy to have come so far in just two days. As our host coordinator, Roman, told us, “There is a way you say this in English, I think it is, you are ‘killing it’?”

You better believe it!

End of Day 2

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