Jamaica – The Blue Mountains

Good fortune allowed me to indulge in a vacation with one of my best friends, Heather, both of us celebrating our 40th birthdays in 2011.  We have been traveling together since college (think shoestring spring break vacation) although it had been some time since our last trip together.  Heather did the research on this one and found an eco-lodge in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Lime Tree Farm.  It would be an adventure in celebration of our first love – coffee.  Yes, Lime Tree is a small estate coffee farm.

Warning: this is not the Jamaica of beachy honeymoons, waves lapping on the shore while dancing the night away to live reggae.  The weather in the Blue Mountains is cool and unpredictable, the scenery gorgeous, and the roads….hmmm, less traveled.  Be prepared that a visit to Lime Tree is every bit affordable, unique, relaxing, with unspoiled surroundings and the best coffee brew with a view, getting there is another story.  Let’s just say if you suffer from motion sickness sit in the front seat, take deep breaths and remind yourself that we said it will be WORTH it!

Your hosts Charlie and Suzie will feel like your friends a few minutes after meeting them.  They are gracious, fun-loving, hard-working people and they have great stories to tell if you are fortunate enough to be able to spend time with them over drinks and dinner, taking in the stunning sunsets from the open veranda where you’ll be dining.  If you are anything like me, you’ll be asking Suzie for her soup recipes and eager to help in the kitchen.  Ask Charlie to tell you the story of how their coffee, Ratcut, got its name.

And tell them Heather and Staci sent you.

PS – If you are traveling through Kingston a visit to the Bob Marley museum is fun, educational, inspirational and just plain cool.  Just go, even if you don’t love reggae music.

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