Habitat Global Village CHILE | Santiago – Time To Celebrate!

Day 5

What a week! We spent the morning working to finish up some things before we had lunch and brought the build to a close. We continued working on siding the soffit fascia, which proved to be a bit of a challenge, pounding nails overhead and making long cuts with only a hand saw.

We finished insulation, hanging drywall on the ceiling and taping and plastering the drywall as well as the flashing on the roof.

We were super motivated and only thwarted occasionally be the shortage of ladders or a tool that was on the fritz. When you get to the point where the doors and windows are being installed, you can see the finish line.

Time to Celebrate! After a ribbon cutting, we all gathered in the new space and said heartfelt words and exchanged smiles, feeling grateful and thankful for the work and one another. Habitat Chile presented us with certificates making our job “official” and Claudia lovingly gave us beaded jewelry she had made and small wooden houses crafted out of the scrap pieces. It was a beautiful surprise that seemed to express what she couldn’t put into words.

I believe that our family would say that what was accomplished was worth the wait. They inspire us to be our best selves, and pay our gratitude forward.

Welcome to your new room Claudia!

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