Habitat Global Village CHILE | Santiago – Work Day 4

Day 4

We started today in early morning mist and fog and a bit on the nippy side. In the end, after we started to concentrate on our jobs, we were warmed up in no time and before we knew it, “Break time.” Breaks are not negotiable on a Global Village work camp.

Claudia and David enjoying break time with us.

By the end of the day we were all satisfied with how much progress we had made. And we believe Claudia and her family were happy too. This addition will make a big difference in their life. It’s really like a dream come true. We keep imagining what it would be like for us if we were in her shoes.

One crew continued to chip away at the siding, by the end of the day nearly finishing, including some complicated cuts around the window frames and the roofing.

Another crew worked on finishing the drywall interior of Claudia’s bedroom.

Natalie and Sean work on finishing installing cement board in what will be the kitchen addition. This small space will nearly double the size of the current kitchen, and provide an opening large enough for Claudia’s wheelchair to easily maneuver into her new bedroom.

Claudia and David, Priscilla, our architect intern’s 8 year old son, had fun creating small wooden houses out of our left over cut pieces of wood.

Some of our crew, Claudia and friends.

It’s incredible to see how much progress we have made in 4 short days. When we started, there was nothing but a cement slab. Now, we’ve nearly completed an addition, that will not only provide this very deserving and loving family with the space they need, but also the quality of life and dignity that many of us take for granted.

Full hearts all around.

Very excited for what tomorrow will bring.

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