Global Village Mulanje, Malawi – Day 5

Apart from having nearly finished all the bricklaying on both houses, one thing left an indelible impression upon us today – seeing the inside of Salanawo’s old house. If you’ve been following, you will remember that she is the grandmother caring for her seven orphaned grandchildren. It is absolutely astonishing that this family sleeps in a space roughly 6’ x 5’. There is another room, about the same size, in the house used for cooking and storage, what little there is to store.

She is also the homeowner who suffered through the rains this week. On the way to work this morning we stopped at the market to buy the plastic to repair the roof on the old house. The village chief identified some men in the village to take off the old roof and replace it with the new. First new poles were put up, then the plastic layer went down and was covered with new thatch. This will protect the family until they can move into their new Habitat house. And, since the old house will be used as a cooking shed after they move, the new roofing will continue to make a difference.

When Salanawo found out what we had done for her, she overflowed with joy. She said that she wished in that moment that she could speak English so she could express to us her gratitude and excitement.

No words were needed.

One thought on “Global Village Mulanje, Malawi – Day 5

  1. “I thought that the food and pots were a bicycle at first. I miss you. I think you do good work. “. Love Ainsley. Ps. I love you

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