Global Village Mulanje, Malawi – Day 4

Another banner day at the worksite! We made a lot of progress on both houses thanks to the hot, dry and sunny weather. The walls are nearly complete. The local craftsman erected wooden scaffolding in order for us to be able to reach the top levels. Once the walls are up, the roof will go on, the brick work will be pointed and plastered and some of the façade will be painted. Once everything is dry, the house will be ready for the partner family to move in. Our coming and volunteer labor contribution will mean that the work will advance significantly, and one more family will have a simple, decent place to live.

We learned from our Habitat Field Officer Sengwani Nyasulu that during the rainy nights passed, a lot of water got into the current home of one of our partner families. The grandmother, Salanawo, told her that they didn’t sleep that night and everything got wet; the floor turned to mud. Because it will be another month before our house is ready for them to move in, Sengwani said that we could buy some plastic tarps in order to temporarily aid them during the next month in case it rains again. We could make a huge and immediate difference in their life, all for MK4,000 – that’s 4,000 Malawian kwacha – or approximately $11.00. Of course we jumped at the chance! Being here even for a very short time has motivated everyone on the team to do more. What else can we do to help?

Our construction supervisor, Babi, said that he was very glad that we actually came to Malawi to build because it is proof of how our money is being spent. We participate in the work and experience the difference it makes. He said, “You could just write a check. But I think it’s better this way. You know where your money is going. You can see it. There is the house.”

And we are all so grateful that we chose to come.

When will you come?

What will you build?

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