Global Village Mulanje, Malawi – Day 3

If ever there was a perfect day for building a Global Village house in Malawi, today was it. Hands down. Despite the fact that the bus was temporarily stuck in the wet sandy soil on the road to Thanguli village, our spirits were high and we were eager to get back to work. And because everyone was outside in the sunshine, we had wonderful interaction with the community. Today we connected with the villagers in the most heartfelt of ways. Emotions were running high.

Brick by brick our walls grew taller.

Song by song our bonds became stronger.

Hour by hour our day grew longer.

Minute by minute our troubles were smaller.

Dinner conversation centered around how our lives back home compared to the ones we were getting to know. Questions kept coming about what we could do to help more. Guilt crept in from time to time. “I have so much it doesn’t seem right that I get a hot shower and a hot meal tonight.” The thing is, some of us can do more to help, abroad and at home. Consider challenging yourself today – right now – to resolve to choose something you can do to make a difference. Write a check. Volunteer your time. Encourage others to do the same.

Heck, call someone and tell them you love them.

Go do it.

3 thoughts on “Global Village Mulanje, Malawi – Day 3

  1. WOW, Staci!

    Love receiving your updates with pics. I will try not to complain about Lakehurst Drive after seeing your dilemma with the bus.

    All is well on the home front and we have been blessed with sunshine, just beautiful days all around. Hope you will have dry spells from now on so your work can continue to GROW, Brick by brick.

    Kids are doing well and enjoying the outdoors. Keep us in the loop. Love, Mom

    Valerie Summers 410-377-8310 6007 Lakehurst Dr Baltimore, MD 21210

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