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Morning Ritual | Veggie Soup #1

Morning Ritual | Veggie Soup #1

To all my whole food plant eaters out there and to those who have yet to discover the joy and benefits of eating plants, I give you a new idea. It was new to me anyhow. A few months ago I took my doctor’s advice and read *Chef AJ’s The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: … Continue reading

Pefect Pistou!

You’ve picked the last of summer’s sweet basil and whizzed it into that bright green, fragrant magical spread: pesto. You even froze some for later didn’t you? Time to let some of it thaw on the bench while you prepare the perfect cool weather accompaniment to that savory summer sauce. The ubiquitous Provencal wonder soup, … Continue reading

Super Snack!  Crunchy Kale Chips

Super Snack! Crunchy Kale Chips

If I’ve made these once, I’ve made them 50 times!  They are delicious (better than you’d think), good for your body and everyone loves them!  My kids and their friends even like them.  They have the satisfying crunch of a salty potato chip but all the health benefits of a leafy green.  They have become an … Continue reading

Scroggin’ Biscuits [aka Crumbly Cookies]

These cookies have become a family favorite treat – and a guiltless one at that.  These wonderful cookies inspired by my friend from Down Under are high in fiber (very filling), low in sugar (who doesn’t need less sugar?) and are great for using up leftover bits of seeds, nuts and dried fruits from your … Continue reading

A Kiwi’s Crustless Quiche

I owe this one to my good Kiwi friend Emma.  Yes, Emma is from New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries on Earth – hands down.  If you have not been, get there.  Emma and I share a love of cooking (actually she is an excellent baker!) and putting our own twist on things.  … Continue reading

Everyday Entertaining Top Ten

I admit it.  I used to be that girl – the one who wait for a “special occasion” to use the vintage glassware and set a beautiful table.  When the birthdays or holiday parties came, I would go all out.  Then, as I got more entrenched in the work of raising kids and homemaking, rather … Continue reading