Introducing My Travel Podcast!

In the words of William Shakespeare, travelers “lend me your ears!”

It’s been quite some time since we’ve hit the road together, but alas, I have news. I’m excited to announce that I’ve produced 15 episodes of a travel podcast on the One Village Many Voices podcast. Whoop whoop!

I miss traveling as much as anyone afflicted with wanderlust. It’s been tough staying in and not making plans. Yet, I feel hopeful. And because I love dreaming about where to go next, almost as much as I love planning and taking a trip, I’ve been using this time of quiet repose to soak up all the travel inspo I can get my hands on! One of my pandemic projects. XO

You won’t find ads or product placement on my show. I don’t endlessly banter with folks you don’t know. I try not to bore you to tears while you wait for me to get to the point. Just short and sweet spots to inspire you to make your travel dreams come true. I’ll share my experience, my knowledge and my tips for planning great trips. My goal is to build a community of better, smarter, more prepared, more confident and more compassionate travelers.

Won’t you join me?

My show is called “The World Is Waiting” because WHEN we are ready to travel again, the world will STILL be waiting!

[To find me, search and subscribe to One Village Many Voices in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. My show begins with Episode 2, and for the following 15 weeks, airs every Monday. So, Episode 2, 9, 16….you get the picture, for 15 weeks. I’m one of the many voices you’ll find on this podcast; check out the others too. I’m grateful for this opportunity to participate in a new, groundbreaking show format produced by Alston Carlisle Studio. You can also look for GlobalStaci at the beginning of the episode notes in each show to be sure you’re listening to yours truly.]

Until next time travelers, thanks for listening!

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