Kingdom of MOROCCO | ‘Darija’ Helpful Moroccan Arabic

My Name “Staci” in Arabic

Having spent two weeks in Morocco, part tour, part independent travel in Marrakesh and Gueliz, I can recommend that it’s helpful to memorize a few simple words and phrases.  This is true just about anywhere you travel.  Making an attempt to be convivial at best and congenial at least, kindness speaks volumes in every language.

Although we were with a guide on our tour, there wasn’t a lot of negotiating on our behalf.  Impressively, educated Moroccans speak several languages, English being one of them.  Knowing French may help too.  You can get by without knowing much, and when in doubt, try Google Translate.  Or miming!  And don’t forget to smile and laugh at yourself!

Darija is Moroccan Arabic, decidedly different from Classic Arabic.  No matter, get these under your belt and you’ll be feeling linguistically savvy in no time.

  • Marhaba – Welcome as in Hello
  • Inshal’Allah – Literally “If God Wills It” (often said when parting)
  • Shukran – Thank You
  • MinFadlak – Please
  • Safi – Enough (as in I’m finished or I’ve had enough to eat)
  • La – (Definitively) NO!
  • Benin – Delicious
  • Mashi Mushki – No Problem
  • Balak – Watch Out!

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