HFHI Women Build 2017 Paraguay – Farewell

You may not think five days of manual labor goes by as quickly as it did for our team of 16 Global Village volunteers, at least if you aren’t used to digging ditches, back-filling foundations and mixing concrete by hand.  Let me assure you, not one of us does any of these things as our day job!

[Two nearly complete septic tanks!  The last photo is a completed typical Habitat house, although there are several styles, in one of the neighborhoods where we worked.]

The final day on the build is so bitter-sweet.  The visible fruits of your labor are apparent.  You smile at your team mates.  Now, your friends.  Inside jokes and all.  You know the names of the local staff who work tirelessly to aid you, and you enjoy generous and big hugs from the homeowners and their families.  Sweet.



One of our beloved, hardworking homeowners, Mama Delia, drinking a traditional Paraguayan Tererê similar to yerba mate but prepared with cold water and iced.  She brought it every day!

It’s time to stop building and gather for one last meal.  The dedication of the houses, complete with Bible presentations and words of thanks flowing easily and affectionately from everyone involved, has arrived.  The last few photos are shot, stopping time, capturing memories in two dimensions.  We need to say goodbye.  Bitter.

It’s usually about two weeks after I return that I’ve had a chance to process all that we done as a team.  I review my photos, wrap up my blog posts and chat with my new friends on Facebook.  This feels good.  And it makes me want to do it all over again.

Won’t you join me?

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