Apulit Island El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines

After spending two weeks building houses with Habitat for Humanity in a country of over 7,100 islands, we have finally made it to the beach. It was easy to forget during our time in Quezon City that we were, in fact, on an island. We almost never saw the water. Except when it rained.

We’ve officially traded in our work boots for flippers.

Seven of our 13 team mates decided to take an R&R on Apulit Island in what is arguably the Philippines most beautiful island province, Palawan. El Nido Resorts has four properties in the area; we are staying on Apulit Island. If you are a diver or would like to try it or get certified, you can do it here. The snorkeling is awesome if you’d rather stay on top of the water.  Kayaking, paddle boarding, sunrise and sunset cruises, island hopping, rappelling, spelunking, hiking – you can do it all here and it’s included with what you pay to stay.  So is the food.

Just enough fun to keep you as busy as you’d like to be.

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