HFHI Global Village, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines – Arrival & Community Welcome

Everyone on the team has safely arrived half way around the world and settled in to our new digs in Quezon City, Manila. Everyone has showed remarkable flexibility considering just two weeks and two days ago we expected to be in Thailand and not the Philippines. What a wonderful group of volunteers.

Our hats go off to everyone at Habitat Philippines who was able to accommodate our team on extremely short notice. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t pull together an entirely new agenda in a different county for 13 people coming from all over the USA in just under two weeks! We’ve proved it can be done!

This morning after our orientation with Habitat staff we journeyed to the Bistekville IV development for our official community welcome. The apartment style, typhoon resistant, Habitat homes are almost complete at this site, so we will be building at Bistekville I where there is more work for us. But this gave us a great opportunity to see what the new houses look like and to make some new friends. Hospitality is the essence of Filipino culture and we are truly blessed to be here.

Seven months ago 6,000 people died and many more thousands lost their homes in the worst typhoon ever recorded in Philippine history. Today more than 2 million people are without adequate shelter. Habitat Philippines has an ambitious goal in mind to help: build 32,000 houses. And, make sure you build them so they can withstand nature’s wrath. Our team is about to learn a lot more about how it’s done.

We are very excited to share it all with you.


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