HFHI Global Village Cape Town, South Africa – Exploring the Cape

Old Man Winter reared his ugly head making departure from the eastern United States difficult for many of our team mates.  All but one of our Habitat for Humanity Global Village volunteers has arrived, and with Lady Luck the 20th team member will arrive Monday morning.  The rest of us kicked off a fantastic start to this build with Habitat South Africa by enjoying the day sightseeing in the region.

There is so much to see in the area surrounding Cape Town.  Really, this city has it all – mountains, beaches, farms and vineyards, national parks, miles of gorgeous coast line along with the many benefits of big city life.  We headed down the western side of the coast until we got to its end – The Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point on the African continent.  After spending some time exploring the park (there is an entrance fee) we headed north again driving along the eastern side before heading back to Cape Town.  These were the highlights of our tour.

Maiden’s Cove & The Twelve Apostles – Great place to stop and take photos.

The Cape of Good Hope, Cape Pointe & the Lighthouse

Boulder Beach – Stop to see the penguins (now also an entrance fee).



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