Have lip gloss. Will travel.

Earlier this summer a friend and neighbor invited me and my kids to swim with her and her kids at her parent’s house.  They were out-of-town and we would have the pool – and the house – to ourselves.  I enthusiastically accepted and as many a stay-at-home mom could attest, I was thrilled at the adventure of hanging out in a new part of town, rather than swimming at our community pool, as per the usual.

There were 4 kids between us (not counting the one on the way – and no – it’s not mine!).  Since we totaled six, she offered to pick us up in her SUV and drive too.  This day just kept getting better.  Not only am I used to managing everything solo in my world-by-day, but also I’m accustomed to keeping said world on its axis and spinning too, so not having to drive was an added bonus.

I was in the passenger seat.  Yippee!  No sooner had we exited the driveway than I pulled down the sun visor to apply my favorite never-leave-home-without-Origins-Hula-Girl pink lip gloss in the vanity mirror.  My friend assured me that the gloss was in vain as we were sure to encounter not a single other human being.  With a sly smile I said, “Oh no.  This is for me.”

The simple application of lip gloss evokes a warm happy feeling in me.  I like the way it tingles on my lips and the slight taste of peppermint.  I like the way it looks, even if I’m not wearing any makeup.  I’ve been spotted applying gloss from the plains of the Serengeti to the streets of Paris, from the shores of St. Bart’s to the parks of Manhattan.  And it’s just for me.  And it’s a good thing.  Because she was right.  We didn’t see another soul!

One thought on “Have lip gloss. Will travel.

  1. A girl after my own heart. I have had men over the years ask why women wear make-up since they don’t really like it. Most men, as I understand, prefer women without makeup. I always answer for ourselves and each other. They always seem puzzled about that.

    Great blog and great post 🙂

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