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Smells Good in Here Potato Soup

Smells Good in Here Potato Soup

Menu planning for the week.  I ask myself, “What seems good to me this time of year, as birds and temperatures head south, winter is imminent yet the days are still filled with plenty of sunshine wrestling the cool breezes?”  Soup.  Definitely soup. I comb through recipes pre-grocery shop as I usually do and I … Continue reading

Pefect Pistou!

You’ve picked the last of summer’s sweet basil and whizzed it into that bright green, fragrant magical spread: pesto. You even froze some for later didn’t you? Time to let some of it thaw on the bench while you prepare the perfect cool weather accompaniment to that savory summer sauce. The ubiquitous Provencal wonder soup, … Continue reading

Skinny Basil Soup

This deliciously light soup was born of a misunderstanding. I was on safari in the spectacular Kenyan Masai Mara lodging at Basecamp Explorer.  One evening our waiter, a characteristically tall thin Masai man named Senit, came to our table to announce that evening’s menu.  The first item mentioned, “skinny” basil soup.  He continued with the … Continue reading