Habitat Global Village NICARAGUA – Work Day 2 | Estelí

Habitat for Humanity began working in Nicaragua in 1984. Since then, Habitat Nicaragua has served more than 5,000 families.  Astonishingly about 75% of Nicaragua’s population is under age 40.  This presents some challenges for the country, but also ground level opportunities to have a positive impact on future generations.

With the help of a local NGO in Estelí , Habitat partner families receive training and education on a wide array to topics, from  finances to health and wellness to communication.  This helps to ensure that new homeowners will be able to maintain their home and will be able to pass on this knowledge to their children.

Our team is working on two sites this week.  One house is at the ground level, with work on the foundation.

The other home is a bit further along, so were able to get started right away laying block.  Habitat homes here are concrete block and mortar style, reinforced with rebar to make them earthquake resistant.  It’s tough work, but this team is up for the challenge.  Everyone has great enthusiasm for the mission.  It’s been a pleasure to serve alongside these strong men and women.






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