Day 2: Albuquerque & St. Leveo and the Church Street Cafe

If you are a lover of the farm to table movement, breakfast at Los Poblanos (included in the room rate) will tantalize all your senses. From the sun filled dining room overlooking the gardens, to the rustic antique furniture and tin work chandeliers to the earthly delights that show up on your plate, the entire experience is…well…perfect.

Eggs Benedict with sautéed onion, beet and watermelon radish garnished with sunflower sprouts, fresh fruit, juice, coffee = bliss. Add in the conversation of two of my favorite girlfriends and my family faces the risk of not seeing me ever again. And this was before the spa treatment at Betty’s Bath & Day Spa, after which I considered purchasing real estate nearby.

Leveo is his name, massage therapy is his game. All three of us ladies booked The Gwen, a 90-minute massage and sugar scrub treatment that was worth every penny. Shortly after I hit the table Leveo got to work. Gradually I felt my muscles submit to the authority of his hands, which after all, is the chief aim of massage therapy. Leveo one. Tension zero. On his tip envelope I wrote, “If the Council of Cardinals had elected me Pope, I would Saint you on the spot.” Needless to say, I recommend a visit to Betty’s.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, the greenhouse was bursting, a goat was laboring, and guests were enjoying leisurely walks and bike rides on the extensive surrounding trails. You’ll want to pay a visit to the farm shop where you can buy the Ranch’s lavender products (also available online).

For dinner we chose traditional New Mexican food recommended by some locals at the Church Street Cafe in Old Town. The chile rellenos were spot on, although super filling. Not many shops are open after 5 until the weather warms up so don’t expect to burn off calories in search of souvenirs. Instead, opt for a crackling fire, a glass of wine (available in most supermarkets or drug stores) and a movie. A big girl slumber party, truly divine.






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